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    February 2 - 3, 2019 :: The Wond'ry at Vanderbilt University


    Grounded in the Legal Project Management Competency Framework (LPMCF), an international standard developed through research and in collaboration with practicing legal project management professionals by the International Institute for Legal Project Management, this Immersion teaches the key competencies for a Legal Project Associate. As importantly, the PoLI facilitation team will focus on the practical application of legal project management (LPM) tools in various legal settings, including how to get the buy-in and support required for successful LPM integration into your organization's culture.


    Why Legal Project Management 2.0?


    Ubiquitous across other industries, LPM remains novel and largely unrealized across the legal landscape. In other words, many market the skill set though few have embraced fully the value it brings to legal services delivery and are really doing project management in a meaningful fashion.


    How do we know? We've talked to a lot of people across the legal industry — those interested in using LPM, those trying to do it in various organizations, and those who've tried and given up. We've also talked to clients who understand the potential value and are interested in and enthusiastic about making LPM work in their outside counsel relationships.


    Through these conversations, we've come to understand the nuanced dynamics of LPM in legal, including why and how it works in some instances and not others. We're taking these learnings, along with a decade of direct experience in doing and training others to do project management in law, to craft this Immersion we call Legal Project Management 2.0.


    Registration is limited to a cohort of 16 students and will close on January 25, 2019.


    See below for LOTS and LOTS of details.

  • Immersion Details

    Legal Project Management 2.0 @ The PoLI Institute :: February 2 - 3, 2019 @ The Wond'ry

    Q: Who is this Immersion designed for?

    A: Pretty much every legal professional (unless you're an LPM expert already).

    We've designed Legal Project Management 2.0 for the practicing legal professional who may have some familiarity with legal project management and wishes to learn more. The level-set for this Immersion is the belief that LPM brings value to the delivery of legal services and the people who enroll commit to contributing time, attention, and whatever experience they bring to engaging in a deeper learning experience throughout the Immersion.


    We believe that LPM skills and tools are integral to improving the delivery of legal services across the legal landscape and consider the Legal Project Management 2.0 Immersion to be fundamental to legal innovation.

    Q: What value does this Immersion deliver?

    A: A LOT.

    This list isn't exhaustive and the value you gain depends largely on the effort you put into the experience as well as what you do after you leave. With that said, the Immersion is designed to provide the following to the cohort:

    Learning Outcomes:

    • learn the LPMFC tools and how to apply them to legal projects
    • learn and become conversant in standard project management terminology as applied in the legal context
    • learn and apply project management tools influenced by Agile and Lean methodologies
    • learn about process mapping in the context of project management
    • learn about technology to support management of legal projects
    • learn and be able to explain the value of project management within relevant legal contexts
    • learn and be able to apply to apply leadership skills in launching and executing project management within a legal organization
    • improve your team's legal service delivery process and procedures to create value for clients and the organization
    • a textbook covering all topics covered in the Immersion
    • a full set of Immersion slides and graphics
    • sample templates to execute key tasks common in project management of legal projects
    • practical exercises to facilitate developing project management skills relevant to legal projects
    • upon individual application, certification as a Legal Project Associate by the International Institute of Legal Project Managment (issued independently of the PoLI Institute, which will facilitate individual applications)
    • early access at no cost for 6 months to cloud-based legal project management platform DASH

    Q: What is the cost and what is included?

    A: $2200 + everything from soup to nuts is included!

    Tuition for this PoLI Immersion course is $2200, with a discount offered to organizations with more than one person registering. Please contact Cat Moon at c.moon@vanderbilt.edu or 615-322-6591 for more information about this discount.


    Immersion tuition covers all course materials and instruction, including facilitation of pre-work and post-work outside of the Immersion weekend schedule. During the Immersion, the Institute provides meals and refreshments including breakfast and lunch. For those who arrive in Nashville on Friday evening, we're hosting an informal gathering including food and beverage for the cohort, also included in tuition.


    Immersion students also are invited into the PoLI Forum, an online community designed exclusively for Institute cohorts to facilitate and support their legal innovation journey.

    Q: What is the schedule?

    A: fun on Friday, then work work work on Saturday and Sunday.

    All Immersions follow the same general schedule across the PoLI Institute curriculum. Immersions are highly interactive and depend upon full cohort engagement during the entire session.


    Students will receive Immersion pre-work, an assignment to be completed before arrival at Vanderbilt.

    Friday evening, February 1, 2019 | Vanderbilt Law School

    Institute faculty and co-facilitators host an optional, informal gathering at Vanderbilt Law School for all Immersion students. An opportunity to meet your cohort and facilitators, we highly encourage attendance. Food and beverages designed to introduce the cohort to Nashville will be served.


    Saturday, February 2, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm | The Wond'ry at Vanderbilt

    7:45 am: Registration and breakfast.

    8:00 am: Morning Session begins. Co-facilitators will kick off the Immersion promptly at 8:00 am. The Immersion is structured as a series of modules providing foundational concepts and content followed by collaborative activities designed to teach module content by doing. Brief breaks will be taken between modules.

    12:00 noon: Working lunch (provided)

    1:15 pm: Afternoon Session begins, with brief breaks taken between modules.

    5:00 pm: Conclusion of Day 1.


    Sunday, February 3, 2018, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm | The Wond'ry at Vanderbilt

    7:45 am: Breakfast and informal conversation.

    8:30 am: Morning Session begins. Co-facilitators will kick off the Immersion promptly at 8:30 am. Brief breaks will be taken between modules.

    12:00 noon: Working lunch (provided)

    1:15 pm: Afternoon Session begins, with brief breaks taken between modules.

    4:00 pm: Conclusion of Day 2.


    Students will receive Immersion post-work, an assignment to be completed after the Immersion experience

    Q: Who is teaching this Immersion?

    A: experienced, engaging, (and fun) faculty and facilitators.

    Larry Bridgesmith, JD LPP, and PoLI Coordinator is the primary facilitator for this Immersion. Larry has taught LPM in the PoLI program at Vanderbilt for six years and has been an LPM practitioner and consultant for more than 10 years.


    Holly Godwin, LPM Practitioner and Trainer, Waller and Teresa Walker, COO Emeritus, Waller will share their boots-on-the-ground experience and wisdom.

    The Immersion is coordinated by Cat Moon, MA JD LPP, who will provide co-facilitation and logistical support to the Immersion cohort throughout the weekend.


    Both Larry and Cat serve on the IILPM Advisory Council, are certified Legal Project Practitioners (LPPs), and are the only Accredited Training Providers for IILPM certification in North America.

    Q: Will this Immersion count towards the Certificate in Law and Innovation, once launched?

    A: YES.

    The Legal Project Management 2.0 Immersion course will count as one (1) credit towards earning the Certificate in Law and Innovation. Go here for more information about the Certificate program.