• a biennial conference exploring substantive legal technology since 1990

    Hosted by Vanderbilt Law School's Program on Law and Innovation


    SubTech brings together legal scholars, educators, practitioners, and technologists from around the world who influence the development and substantive application of technology in legal education and practice. Since 1990, SubTech offers a unique experience at the intersection of the technology of law and legal education—not simply for SubTech's longevity, but also in its informal, collaborative approach to crafting the content based on participants' interests and expertise.


    Historically, SubTech focuses on where the technology of law intersects with legal education. In a truly international gathering that nurtures inter-specialty exchange. By “substantive” we mean applications that deal with the distinctively legal substance of what lawyers, judges, and law teachers do. By “legal education” we mean all contexts in which law is studied and taught (not just traditional law schools).


    At SubTech 2020, plenary and small group sessions will offer highly engaging and interactive opportunities for participants to shape both the content of our time together and potential outcomes that extend beyond SubTech.


    Designing for Justice: Teaching Tech for (a) Change


    This theme for SubTech 2020 weaves in the following strands for exploration at SubTech. How might we?

    • help the public understand when a problem is a legal one, i.e. legal knowing and understanding
    • create human-centered legal (self?) service delivery tools to democratize the law
    • create technology-driven alternative justice systems
    • create alternative legal service delivery models
    • move tech curriculum out of silos and into mainstream legal education, from law schools and beyond
    • move what we teach (and what students create) into meaningful impact within our institutions, organizations, and systems of justice
    • break into SubTech tribes to explore advancing justice through technology beyond ideation to realization

  • where

    Vanderbilt Law School

    Nashville, Tennessee


    July 16 - 18, 2020


    by invitation

    contact Cat Moon (c.moon@vanderbilt.edu) for information or complete the intention of interest form




    an unconference

  • SubTech2020


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    Links of Interest

    curious about SubTech?

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    The SubTech Way: Context for an Unconventional Conference / Roger Skalbeck


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    SubTech 2016 (Richmond, VA) (University of Richmond School of Law)



    what will we do at SubTech 2020?

    The actual agenda for our time together will be shaped by SubTech participants in true unconference fashion.


    As part of the theme Designing for Justice: Teaching for (a) Change, we envision exploring numerous topics through the following lenses: 

    • human-centered design sprint exploring this thought experiment in online legal help platforms
    • SubTech stories: where we started, how far we've gotten, where we want to go 
    • Teaching techniques rapid-fire sessions to share and learn about teaching with and about tech
    • Cross-pollination, aka networking SubTech-style
    • World Café roundtables
    • Battle decks!
    • SubTech tribes: moving from ideas to action