• Legal Operations 2.0

    November 9 - 10, 2019

    What: A two-day, highly interactive immersion experience designed for legal operations professionals and delivered via a format that provides hands-on learning and development. The cohort will discuss “leading practices” in legal ops strategy and tactics, and use them to create a customized Legal Ops playbook they can deploy in their workplace over the course of the weekend. See Immersion Details below for more information about the Immersion content and schedule.


    Who: Legal Operations 2.0 is designed for legal professionals who are new to or have little formal experience in running a legal ops function, but who have at least moderate to advanced experience with operations skills or disciplines that are useful in a multi-disciplinary legal ops environment. It is for newly appointed or rising leaders who are charged with or supervising initiatives to create a business-, value-, and/or data/technology-literate legal department and its service strategy. We are designing this immersion to help these leaders develop an ops function that can deliver and demonstrate the law department’s value to its client.


    How: The immersion will guide participants through an interactive process by which they develop a legal ops playbook for their team. This requires them to work through a number of issues that are critical to both the strategy and the tactics they need to support improved legal operations deployment. Working as a team, while distilling those elements most relevant to their clients, our participants will customize their playbooks to focus on not just the kinds of improvements that legal ops teams can implement to help their clients, but HOW they can deliver that service via an ops strategy and high-performing business function.


    The course is open to all kinds of legal professionals – including those with law degrees and executive management responsibilities for their department, AND those with degrees or strong experience in business, technology or executive operations who are working in legal to help improve the department’s service delivery and value; we will include registrants from both corporate client and law provider environments to assure a 360-degree perspective.


    Space is limited and those enrolled in the Certificate in Law and Innovation program are given priority.

    Registration is limited to a small cohort.


    When: Saturday, November 9 - Sunday, November 10, 2019


    Where: Vanderbilt Law School

  • Legal Operations 2.0 :: Immersion Details

    November 9 - 10, 2019 :: Vanderbilt Law School


    Q: Who is Legal Operations 2.0 designed for?

    A: This program is perfect for those who are either relatively new to their legal ops supervisory role and have little formal experience supervising a legal ops function or team, and those who have at least moderate to advanced experience with operations skills or disciplines that are useful in a multi-disciplinary legal ops environment, and wish to rise to a supervisory role in their legal department (and for a few of our registrants, in their law firms).

    The level-set for this Immersion is the belief that legal operations is core to the successful functioning of law departments and the people who enroll commit to contributing time, attention, and whatever experience they bring to engaging in a deeper learning experience throughout the Immersion.


    We believe that legal operations demands an iterative, evolving, agile problem-solving and behavior change skill set, not a graduate degree in every related discipline. Our immersion requires each operations leader participating to use the course and conversation to figure out how to build a function that delivers what their clients need, enlist the hearts and minds of their stakeholders, marshal the resources required, develop a strategy and tactics that can deliver demonstrated value, and get moving. Join us!



    Q: What value does Legal Operations 2.0 deliver?

    A: A LOT.

    The Legal Operations 2.0 concept: to use our two-day immersion to help registrants build a legal ops playbook, both as a group and for each individual attending. For the group project, we will be capturing the “universal” truths in a resource that will grow and develop with each additional session we might hold in the future; for each registrant, they will enter their own customized plans in their playbook as a takeaway to guide their work going forward. Legal Ops 2.0 will deliver both an invigorating educational experience via the faculty and cohort, and some serious, practical takeaway value.


    The entire program will be interactive, with each session starting with a groundwork presentation and resources, and the of the remaining time for the topic spent in discussion to capture group benchmarks, talk about gaps, resources, ideas for change management, and more as we sketch the outline of the playbook for that topic, using playbook templates and a digital workbook section completed by each registrant with their own notes on what they value. Topics include the following:


    • Mission / Vision / Strategy
    • Client Service Standards
    • Establishing Evaluation and Performance Standards (for team members and functions)
    • Function accountability and oversight (financial, reporting, governance)
    • Workflow assignment and staffing
    • Tech / process / automation
    • Insourcing and Outsourcing Decisions and practices
    • Data and Metrics
    • Skills, Training, Teaming/Collaboration and Incenting Behavior Change


    Participants will receive pre- and post-immersion work – short surveys to be completed before the work begins and assignments to be completed after the Immersion experience.


    Learning Outcomes

    • the need for and purposes served by legal operations as a domain
    • the most important elements of legal operations
    • how operations can bring order and demonstrate value to the legal department and client service relationships
    • how to structure the design and deployment of legal operations
    • for law firms: how to improve and expand legal operations-oriented services delivery to clients 
    • a digital playbook for designing and deploying legal operations, created over the course of the Immersion
    • a full set of Immersion slides and materials
    • unfettered access to legal operations professionals and the cohort over the course of the Immersion
    • access to the PoLI Forum, a digital collaboration space for post-Immersion support  

    Q: What is the cost and what is included?

    A: $2200 + everything from soup to nuts is included!

    Tuition for this PoLI Immersion course is $2200, with a discount offered to organizations with more than one person registering and for those enrolled in the Certificate in Law and Innovation program. Please contact Cat Moon at c.moon@vanderbilt.edu or 615-322-6591 for more information about this discount.


    Immersion tuition covers all course materials and instruction, including facilitation of pre-work and post-work outside of the Immersion weekend schedule. During the Immersion, the Institute provides meals and refreshments including breakfast and lunch, and parking adjacent to the Wond'ry. For those who arrive in Nashville on Friday evening, we're hosting an informal gathering including food and beverage for the cohort, also included in tuition.


    Immersion students also are invited into the PoLI Forum, an online community designed exclusively for Institute cohorts to facilitate and support their legal innovation journey.



    Q: What is the schedule?

    A: fun on Friday, then work work work on Saturday and Sunday.

    All Immersions follow the same general schedule across the PoLI Institute curriculum. Immersions are highly interactive and depend upon full cohort engagement during the entire session.


    Students will receive Immersion pre-work, an assignment to be completed before arrival at Vanderbilt.

    Friday evening, April 5, 2019 | Vanderbilt Law School

    Institute faculty and co-facilitators host an optional, informal gathering at Vanderbilt Law School for all Immersion students. An opportunity to meet your cohort and facilitators, we highly encourage attendance. Beverages and light food will be served.


    Saturday, February 2, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm | The Wond'ry at Vanderbilt

    7:30 am: Light breakfast and conversation.

    8:00 am: Morning Session begins. Co-facilitators will kick off the Immersion promptly at 8:00 am. The Immersion is structured as a series of modules providing foundational concepts and content followed by collaborative engagement. Brief breaks will be taken between modules.

    12:00 noon: Working lunch (provided)

    1:15 pm: Afternoon Session begins, with brief breaks taken between modules.

    6:00 pm: Conclusion of Day 1.


    Sunday, February 3, 2018, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm | The Wond'ry at Vanderbilt

    7:30 am: Light breakfast and conversation.

    8:00 am: Morning Session begins. Brief breaks will be taken between modules.

    12:00 noon: Working lunch (provided)

    12:45 pm: Afternoon Session begins, with brief breaks taken between modules.

    2:00 pm: Conclusion of Day 2.


    Participants will receive Immersion post-work, an assignment to be completed after the Immersion experience.



    Q: Who is teaching Legal Operations 2.0?

    A: experienced and engaging faculty and facilitators.

    Susan Hacket, JD, is the primary facilitator for this Immersion. Susan is the CEO of Legal Executive Leadership, LLC, a law practice management consultancy she founded in 2011 after serving for 22 years as the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC).


    Lizzie Shilliam, co-facilitator, is Chief of Staff and Legal Operations, Office of the General Counsel, Vanderbilt University.


    Kimberly Bell, co-facilitator, Head of Legal Operations, Nissan.


    Marc Jenkins, JD, co-facilitator, is Director of Legal Operations and Senior Counsel for Asurion.




    Q: Will this Immersion count towards the Certificate in Law and Innovation, once launched?

    A: YES.

    The Legal Project Management 2.0 Immersion course will count as one (1) credit towards earning the Certificate in Law and Innovation.


    What people are saying about PoLI Institute

    immersion workshops:

    Jan Roggen

    Law Firm Partner, US

    LPM 2.0 Cohort Member

    I would definitely recommend the PoLI Institute experience because it was an amazingly inspiring weekend with likeminded people who all face the same challenges trying to make legal a better place to work and live. The weekend gave me the confirmation and the energy to continue the difficult innovation journey.

    Barbara McGinnis

    Law Firm Partner, US

    LPM 2.0 Cohort Member

    It was thought-provoking and energizing. We get so tunneled vision focused, (as lawyers on our area of specialty) we forget there is so much to learn in life that can enhance our journey. This immersion experience gave me a peek into other possibilities.

    Lori Gonzalez

    Legal Operations Professional, US

    LPM 2.0 Cohort Member

    Bringing together multi-disciplinary individuals to teach the future of law is so much more effective when teaching law or the principles of law. I would definitely recommend this to legal professionals (without a JD) as a way to improve their legal knowledge (as well as share their unique experiences). Absolutely loved my first experience with PoLI — it won't be my last!

    Rafael Figueiredo

    General Counsel, US

    LPM 2.0 Cohort Member

    Personally, I loved the somewhat loose agenda (even if not intentional) which allowed ample time for thought-provoking dialogue on legal innovation, etc. + Unique take on legal process & project management — focus on LPM methodologies (necessary for certification purposes, I suspect) but combining with agile, lean six sigma and design thinking. I believe that combining these approaches makes things happen inside teams (legal or not) just a bit easier (i.e., as mentioned, important to choose the best tool/approach for each project or for each part of a project).